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Other Boat Parts & Accessories

Other Boat Parts and Accessories

Theres arguably nothing quite as relaxing as a warm breeze in your hair as you skim across the water in your boat. Like cars, boats require maintenance to work efficiently as well as accessories to make boating safe and enjoyable. Load your boat with the equipment that you need to minimise risk while enjoying your time on the water.

Boat Seats

Whether youre replacing old seats or giving your boat a makeover with new ones, boat seats should be attractive as well as comfortable. Some features to consider when selecting boat seats include all-weather material for a water-resistant experience, folding and swivelling, adjustable seats and UV-resistant fabric. Boat seats come in two styles: chairs and benches. In some cases, you may only need to replace certain parts, such as the pedestal of a seat or the cushions.

Boat Ladders

Get in and out of a boat without worry when you use a boat ladder. These ladders can be handy for kids or smaller persons, or elderly people who may have a hard time getting into the craft. Boat ladders come in many styles, including adjustable telescopic versions as well as platform ladders. Select inboard or outboard ladders, and pick a ladder with cushioned tips to reduce the risk of scratching your boat. Most ladders are constructed with heavy-duty, water-resistant stainless steel for durability.

Boat Parts and Accessories

Sometimes the little parts that make up your boat may require replacement or repair. Check for parts that include antennas, steering wheels or air pressure gauges, or look for boating accessories that can enhance your experience, such as GPS navigation systems or fishfinders, canopy mounts or fishing rod holders. You may also prefer to have a kayak and paddles on board in case of emergency or items like repair patches and glue.

Life Jackets

No boat should ever leave the harbour without life jackets. These safety vests are a must for every person who gets into your boat, and you should always have several on board to offer guests as they climb in to your craft. Some life jacket brands to look into include Sea-Doo, Jetpilot and Stearns, and some features to keep in mind include pockets, straps and reflective qualities for those who boat at night.

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