Other Camera and Photographic Accessories

When it comes to taking pictures, you need more than just the right camera. There's a host of photography equipment that can enhance your shots and make the process easier and more enjoyable when you select from a range of photo accessories, including tripods and other products that ensure you always get the perfect shot.

Camera Tripods

A tripod is a stand that has three legs, and you mount your camera on the stand to get a stable shot. These are also helpful if you wish to be in the photo as well. A tripod keeps your shot steady, and most are adjustable to different heights, so you can customise the photo even further. Zoom in without blurs and grab action shots without fuzziness with the aid of a tripod.

Camera Monopods and Selfie Sticks

Like a tripod, a monopod helps you achieve a steady, stable photograph, but instead of having three legs that fold out, a monopod only has one. These telescopic mounts have legs that fold out at the bottom, so you can place them on a solid surface. They are also height adjustable. You can use some monopods as handheld selfie sticks, allowing you to take photos of yourself at the proper distance. These usually adjust to a range of sizes and have a wrist loop for security. Many are compatible with a variety of products, including mobile phones.

Camera Cleaning Equipment

Keep your camera in perfect shape by maintaining it with cleaning products. One easy way to get all the supplies required to clean your camera is by purchasing a camera cleaning kit.These kits may include screen wipes, blowers, dust pens and cleaning brushes to get into the nooks and crannies of your camera for a proper cleaning. In addition, a soft microfibre cloth helps to keep your device dust-free.

Shooting Accessories

For video cameras, there is a host of options to make movie making fun. Some of these include plastic housing you can put over your camera to make it waterproof or harnesses you attach to your camera for action photography. Secure your camera to a headband and shoot yourself skydiving, or put a camera on your dog in a harness and see the world from your pet's point of view.