Get expressive with camera tripods and supports

Whether you're a professional photographer, a weekend hobbyist, or simply someone looking to take better selfies and pictures of loved ones, you need a tripod. Whether you use a still camera, or shoot on digital or film, you need a tripod. A tripod will prevent your shaky hands from ruining a great picture or video, and with the extensive range of camera tripods and supports available here on eBay and the flexibility of online shopping, you don't even need to leave home to snap up your supporting player.

Exploring the features of camera tripods and supports

Typically, a tripod has three legs with leg locks, a foot for stabilisation, and the centre column that supports the tripod head, which is where you plonk your camera. You'll want to make sure you can maximise the height and extension of the tripod. Check the load capacity of the tripod, you want to ensure the weight of your camera isn't going to overwhelm it. Look for good quality legs and feet in a sturdy, durable design. If you're travelling a lot with your tripod, you'll want to make sure that it packs down quickly and easily, and isn't too unwieldy or bulky.

Consider if you need a full sized tripod, or if something else will be more suitable for your purposes. A pocket tripod is great for tucking into your bag when you're on the go. A table top tripod is good if you regularly take photos of small products for sale. Travel tripods are specifically made to be light and easy to pack, but may not have the full range of features of a standard tripod.

While you're considering the type of camera tripods and supports that fit into your lifestyle, don't hesitate to check out the full range of camera trirpods and supports, including the range of camera stabilizers. Whatever the camera tripods or support to suit your needs, you're sure to snap up a great option from the styles available right here on eBay today.