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That uneasy feeling of getting lost. The anxiety of being in the wrong lane and hearing car horns blasting at you. Sitting there knowing you're going to be late because you were forced to take the wrong turn and end up stuck on a long freeway headed for who knows where. You can turn all the wrong ways into right ways on your next trip, by heading straight to eBay to get yourself a car GPS navigation system.

Simple to use

GPS navigation systems and car satellite navigation (SatNavs) systems are simple to use. Intuitive operation is designed around simple buttons on a touchscreen with short cut buttons for recently taken trips (stored automatically on your device) or to get you back home. Truck drivers can really benefit from Smart Route settings where you can customise the best routes for your truck's weight and length.

GPS speed and traffic camera alerts

GPS units and SatNav devices not only make the journey faster and easier, they'll keep you on the straight and narrow with speed and traffic camera alerts. While you're navigating unfamiliar territory, it's easy to lose concentration and let your speed creep up or accidentally run a traffic light that's become a bit too orange! The right GPS setup can help you avoid these mishaps.

Aside from that, your GPS will give you plenty of warning before necessary turns and lane changes and also warn you about traffic snarls. With the push of a button you have an alternative route to get you there faster.

Reverse camera screen

When you're choosing a GPS system, give some thought to whether you'll likely need a reverse camera, as many models on eBay have this option as well. Connected to your vehicle's existing reverse camera or with a wireless one included, you can see on screen where you're going in reverse without hanging your head out of the window.

GPS Brands and accessories

ebay has all the big GPS navigation brands: Navman, Garmin, TomTom, XGody and more, and you'll also find accessories like glare visors to make your screen easier to read in bright sunlight. We even have various dashboard mounting systems and car chargers, too.

Check out GPS systems on eBay today so you can stay on track each and every time you get behind the wheel.