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Want your kitten or cat to play in a safe environment where they can't run away or come face to face with other neighbourhood pets? You need a quality cat enclosure, cat playpen or play tent. When it comes to buying one of these handy pet hangouts, there are almost as many styles and sizes as there are cat breeds, so it's a good idea to think about the main ways you intend to use it.

Portable indoor and outdoor cat enclosures

There are indoor, outdoor and portable cat enclosures for sale, as well as multi-purpose options suitable for all areas and occasions. Lightweight pop-up mesh enclosures are easy to carry and offer a breath of fresh air for indoor cats. Take your little feline friend for an adventure or let it run around in the back yard. Soft polyester fabric enclosures with steel frames require a little more effort to pack up and move, but they do offer extra durability, a removable roof and a larger space to play.

Heavy duty modular cat enclosures

For a more permanent fixture, you may want to consider an aluminium frame modular design that can be made as big or small as you like using add-on cubes. A standard size is 240cm x 120cm x 120cm. The only downside is the 15-20 minute assembly time, but the good news is you won't need to use any tools. Another option is an 8-panel steel playpen, which acts as a safe perimeter while your cat plays directly on the grass. The round edges ensure your pet's safety and the double locks ensure they won't escape. The other benefit of these enclosures is the ability to configure them in various shapes to suit your space.

You can also spoil your cat with one of the super comfortable cat beds on eBay, or fill up the enclosure with fun cat toys and accessories like furry mice, balls or scratching trees.