Other Cleaning & Housekeeping

Other Household Cleaning Supplies

Modern household cleaning supplies make it easier for homeowners to maintain the cleanliness of their home interior and exterior. To the sensitive and health conscious ones, organic cleaning products offer alternative choices of safer, non-toxic and non-irritating cleaning supplies and products.

What Are Essential Household Cleaning Supplies?

Cleaning Sponges and Scourers. Some have short handles that extend your reach to those tight spaces underneath. Some have antibacterial properties that further disinfect surfaces. Heavy-duty sponges are less prone to tearing.

Mops and Brooms. Some mops have disposable pads for quick cleaning jobs. Select absorbent materials for wet cleaning and spillage control. Retractable, bendable handles relieve pressure on your back. For brooms, choose sufficient bristle quantity and good quality. Thin, strong bristles that bend according to surfaces are important to look for.

What Are Some Notable Mops and Cleaners?

Turbo Spin Cleaning Mop. A rechargeable spinning and scrubbing mop, this has an extension pole to help you reach those far and tight spaces.

Slim Drain Weasel Hair Anti-Clog tool. Its slim design fits into sinks, showers and tubs. The handle spins as it entangles hair for quick removals.