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Build your coin collection

With so many types of collectible coins available, you're sure to find something to complete your collection here on eBay.

Physical cryptocurrencies

As β€œCryptomania” comes and goes in peaks of popularity eBay is awash with novelty cryptocurrencies. As this is a digital currency created and held electronically people like to collect these novelty tokens, possibly to give them a sense of what their wealth in the physical world would feel like. Four popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, with others jumping on board like Altcoins, and as popularity peaks, the list expands according to demand.

Commemorative coins

A coin collection would not be complete without a commemorative coin or two. In 2016 we saw the Brazilian Olympic games, the outdoor activities were arranged at the foot of Corcovado and Sugarloaf mountains, which were illustrated, in colour, on a commemorative coin. Going much further back in time you can add a silver plated Prophecy Aztec Mayan Calendar commemorative coin to your collection that dates back to at least the 5th Century.

Souvenir coins

There are plenty of non-currency coins minted to delight fans of popular fictional stories and people. If you're a "Harry Potter" fan you can bag yourself some Gringotts' bank wizardry Galleons. If you're more of a "The Lord of The Rings" fanatic, you won't be left out as you can get your hands on a silver or gold coin to commemorate this popular book and film series. Or maybe a Masonic Knights Templar yellow cross souvenir token would suit your collection better.

You will also find a range of assorted of coins, ideal for someone looking to build their collection. Discover mixed region coins in bags of 10 kg for you to rifle through. Truly a mixed bag, you'll find both old coins and some that were minted in the last year.