Other Collectable Bottles, Jars and Jugs

Nowadays the use of mason jars, toby jugs is in full swing at events, parties, home and food decor. They are being extensively used because of their ability to add versatility to decor looks. Artists are using mason jars and collectable wine bottles to express their designs in a beautiful and unique ways. Similarly, mason drinking jars, small jugs and beautiful bottles are used for decorative purposes in weddings, casual parties, bridal showers and birthday parties. 

Using Collectable Bottles, Jars and Jugs for Food and Decoration

Mason jars, small toby jugs, are used in restaurants and eateries to serve desserts, milkshakes and gravies. Collectable mason jars, toby jugs, antique bottles and old bottles of wines are used for decorative purposes in formal and casual events both. Mason jars and toby jugs can be filled with fairy lights and hung in different locations to add a vintage and boho lighting to any event. Collectable bottles can also be used to give titles, give messages and hang planters. Mason jars are used as pen holders and to store flowers as well. €They are also used to give party favours in weddings and showers. 

Sizes and Types of Bottles, Mason Jars and Toby Jugs

Mason Jars and toby jugs are usually available in 3 sizes - 125ml, 250ml and 500ml. They are available with covers of different colours, designs with different transparency levels. Collectable bottles are usually available in 500-700 ml sizes with with different types of lips such as flared lip, applied round band, applied trapper, rolled lip, tooled with applied ring, and early screw cap with ground lip.