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Collectable Tools, Hardware and Locks   

Despite the advancements in technology, vintage and antique tools, hardware and locks remain prized amongst collectors. Not only are they visually appealing and accrue in value over time, but many are still in good working order and can make an affordable alternative to buying their modern counterparts.   

Tips for Buying Collectable Tools, Hardware and Locks   

Most tools, hardware and locks will have a maker's mark somewhere on them, even if they're rusty and well used. Check which brand they are, and then do your research to find out when they may have been made. If you plan on using the tools, hardware or locks, look for those that are still in good condition or that you can easily restore.   

Which Era Tools, Hardware and Locks Are Available?   

When you consider that tools, hardware and locks have been mass produced for more than 200 years, there's no shortage of antique and vintage items available to add to your collection. Look for 1920s era collectable tools, hardware and locks or those from the mid-20th century, as well as rare 1880s era collectable tools, hardware and locks.