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Most toys are, of course, for children, but there are many toys and playthings that are simply fun to collect for both adults and children. Perhaps you’re an adult collecting items from your childhood, or you love memorabilia from your favourite television show or movie. Whether you’re 3 or 93, there are many different types of collectable toys that are fun from all ages, from dolls and plushes to trading cards and playsets.

Slightly different than sports trading cards and accessories, there are many types of trading cards that are not sports-related. Collectable cards like the Garbage Pail Kids from the 1980s are popular items but you can also find trading cards for comic book characters, movies, games and much more. Look for some of your favourites from this year or yesteryear, with sets such as Superfight, Twozies, Animal Crossing and more.

There are quite a few different types of toys made based on a favourite character from a television show or movie. For example, you may want to own a Dr. Who play smartphone or a Batman lunch box. Star Wars and DC Comics characters are both extremely popular for children and adults, while younger children may want to collect items from their favourites, such as Frozen or Finding Dory. Look for stickers, playsets, lunch items, posters and much more.

Plush animals and dolls are perhaps one of the most popular types of collectable toys. Dolls made by Funko Pop are extremely popular, with their extra-large faces, fun packaging and attention to deal. Look for Funko Pop to mimic every character you love, from Agent Cooper from Twin Peaks to the Riddler from Batman. Stuffed animal toys are also highly collectable, as are Beanie Babies and other stuffed animals that complete entire collections.

Vintage religious toys can also be highly collectable with enthusiasts, adults and children. Look for vintage nativity scenes that are perfect for Christmas, Bible games that you can play with friends and family and religious card sets and playsets. Not just for Sunday school, these items are highly collectable with a wide audience.

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