Other Computer Cables Connectors

Made up of dozens of computer cables and connectors a laptop only works as long as these components function properly. In addition to the cables inside the computer, there are cords, cables, and connectors that attach to the outside housing for using external devices such as an extra monitor, mouse, microSD cards, and much more. Many repairs, rebuilds, and small fixes are easy to do, and the parts are available for doing theses fixes at home.

RJ45 Wall Plate

With a 6-port RJ45 Cat6 wall plate, you get a fast and reliable link on Fast Ethernet (100 Mbps). Pick one that offers supported pre-terminated cables, so there is no wiring, no tools, and is easy to use.


Your computer only does you any good if you can turn it on. Once the power switch button goes out, you have two options, buy a new computer or replace the switch. Thankfully, replacing the ON and OFF switch is a pretty simple fix that most computer users can do easily on their own.

USB Cords

Modern computers come with several USB ports as a way for users to connect external devices to the PC. The most common use for a USB cord is to charge a mobile phone or to transfer photos, documents and videos from the phone to the computer. There are different speeds in which the cable works giving consumers a choice when it comes to how fast data will transfer. Another option is a USB to serial connector that allows users to connect digital devices such as PDA cradles and digital cameras to your laptop.

Brand or Unbranded

As with all PC parts, you have a choice to purchase branded or unbranded other computer cables to fix your machine. Both are excellent options that allow you to stick with original parts or go with a less expensive ''generic'' version.