Computer Components and Parts

For those that are really into computers, finding out what materials they use, how they work, and how to customise them can keep you happily occupied for days, weeks, or even months if you do it right. Whether you are looking to fix, complete, or replace something in your computer, online seller eBay have a large variety of computer components and parts for sale. These parts include, but are not limited to, SD cards, monitors, gaming glasses, hard-drive cables, motherboards, graphics cards, cameras, and so much more. Prices vary depending on the company, but you can easily compare the products to find the right one for you at the best price.


Having a large and high quality computer monitor is essential these days. With smartphones delivering excellent images, the size and quality of computer monitors needs to appeal to an audience that is accustomed to amazing technology. eBay offers well-known and lesser-known brands from all over the country, which you can order and receive right at home. Mix and match brands, upgrade to a better size and quality, or get multiple to complete your own game room.


If you have a thorough grasp of the ins and outs of your computer, you might just be confident enough to buy a motherboard on eBay. Product specs are available for easy viewing and comparing, with many available for general computing, video editing and photo viewing, and gaming.

Graphics Cards

A graphics card, or video card, that can be added to your computer, and is a printed circuit board that “generates a feed of output images” to your monitor. These are most commonly for video gaming, giving a much higher resolution and response time. It is best for only the most competent to install these, to prevent damage being done to the card or computer.