Finish off your fancy dress with other costume accessories

Fancy dress is a great way to recreate your favourite characters for a party, and the little details are what really brings the look together. Throw a perfect "Harry Potter" party or go as a Disney princess. There are also accessories to perfect a look from any decade. from hippie sunglasses and wigs to 1980s neon accessories.

If you are looking for that finishing touch for your costume, look no further. Find fake cigarettes which are ideal for a 1920s gangster look, or Captain America's shield for your little one's superhero themed party. From face paint and costume makeup to fairy wings and elf ears, you'll discover everything you need to complete your costume and be the envy of all your friends.

Masks, hats and wigs

If you want to go all out at a fancy-dress party, a costume mask is a cracking idea. Horror masks for Halloween are a spooky accessory or try a "Batman" mask if you prefer being the good guy. You'll even find costume masks of real people such as Donald Trump or Russell Crowe. Or, if you're looking for something more sophisticated, choose a masquerade mask with delicate lacework and be the belle of the ball.

Costume accessories don't get much more hilarious than a costume wig. Why not go for a 1980s mullet, a full beard, or pirate hat with dreadlocks attached for a ripper Jack Sparrow getup. Hats are key costume accessories to complete your ensemble, whether it's a Mexican sombrero, a Santa hat for the office Christmas party, or matching Mario and Luigi hats for you and a mate.

Prosthetics and props

If you want to stun your mates with a full-blown horror look on Halloween, you'll find all kind of accessories, such as liquid latex, to help you create gruesome gashes and bulging boils. Or if you're going to a hen party, joke props such as feather boas and ‘L' plates are great fun and get everyone in the party mood.