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Crafting Storage Solutions

As you improve in your crafting abilities, you may find that you've amassed so many types of materials that your workspace can become such a chaotic mess. Organisation is key, and this rings true for hobbies like scrapbooking or beadery that involve so many tiny pieces that are a slight knock away from bursting into an explosion of individual pieces you have to pick up. If clutter has overtaken, now is a good time to look at your options for crafting storage solutions.

Craft Paper Storage

Papercrafts requires precision and creativity and benefits from organisation. Buy craft paper racks to keep all your frequently used papers in slim and organised compartments. They're basically tabletop shelves with 30 by 30 cm slots for any type of paper. You can stack them to save space too. Grab a pack of paper storage holders for a compact way to store a lot of paper without sacrificing much space. These can come in plastic and wooden variants and can fit any workspace theme. Using an accordion file is a clever way to store materials for pending scrapping projects. Put in polaroids, bus tickets, receipts and other small paper trinkets in each fold for later use.

Fabric Storage

So you like dressmaking? Get a tall cabinet with deep shelves so that your rolls of fabric are protected and organised. If you like a clean look for your workshop, opt for white craft storage solutions for that pristine appearance. Store all your favourite ribbons on white ribbon winding cards so they don't mingle with other rolls, or get clear plastic storage containers for buttons, beads and other small embellishments.

Craft Tool Storage

Storing your materials is just one part of the story. Enhance your crafting table with black craft storage solutions for a sleek, clean and effective way to keep your tools in one place. Sticker containers, tool organisers and files all contribute to a cleaner place to work so your mind stays clear and organised as well.

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