Crocheting and Knitting Tools and Supplies   

Whether knitting and crocheting is your hobby or livelihood, you can create heirlooms, give away your handiwork or start a business. You'll need crocheting and knitting items such as patterns, hooks, yarn and thread to get started or replenish your inventory of supplies.   

Reasons To Crochet and Knit   

Crocheters and knitters admit crafting items calms them down and helps them stay mentally sharp. You can make afghans, sweaters and other clothing for you, your family members and friends. Moreover, your crochet or knitting supplies fit inside a tote so you can knit or crochet anywhere. Some people prefer using eco-friendly organic yarns and give away what they make to charitable organisations.   

Tools and Supplies Needed to Crochet and Knit    

Knitting needles are available in single and double point as well as circular knitting needles used to work on large projects. Keep a supply of crocheting tools like hooks available in sets that may include hook sizes ranging from 0.6 mm to 6.5 mm. Likewise, you'll need a knitting bag or case to keep your knitting supplies in one place and patterns to make items such as a plant hanger, doll and baby clothes or a crocheted halter dress.