Great riding with a variety of cycling equipment

Are you a major cycling enthusiast with a great set of wheels? Well maybe it's time to go big on other cycling equipment and accessories to feed your passion. Take a quick lap around the eBay circuit and you'll be pumped up about the cycling clothing and equipment possibilities. Check out these options below to get started.

Bicycle parts upgrades

You can upgrade or repair just about any part of your bicycle including the front grab handles, bike pedals and more. So if you're about to take on a bicycle DIY job, see if you can pick up a great deal on new or used parts from eBay.

Waterproof rear pannier bags

Grab a universal-fit rear pannier cycling bag and take off exploring with all the essentials packed safely away. Special bags and packs for cycling are 100% waterproof. They generally feature sealed seams, internal closure, hard back, quick release attachment system and reflective panel for added safety.

Bike torque wrench

Don't let minor issues turn into major delays. With a bicycle torque wrench and allen key tool set you'll always find the desired torque setting. These tools come with the ideal gauge for bicycle carbon parts.


Looking for a new cycling challenge? Learning how to ride a unicycle will keep you busy for weeks! A beginners' unicycle features galvanised steel rim, height adjustable seat and a comfortable cushion.

Bicycle smartphone holders

Lightweight cases for your smartphone are made from high-impact plastic materials and are designed to fit a variety of stems. The angle can be adjusted so your device screen is always visible, meaning you can even download or use navigation and heart rate apps on the go.

Other cycling equipment

You can find more cycling gear on eBay including cycling helmets, clothing and a wide array of other cycling accessories.