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Got one to sell?

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Drawing accessories for all your drawing needs

If you're into drawing, you'll no doubt want a huge selection of drawing accessories. If you decide on sketching, pastel work or charcoal work, you'll need a sharpener and paper, not to mention lots of pencils, erasers and other things you may not have even thought of.

Pencil sets

The trusty pencil is still very much alive and well in the art world and can be used to great effect. It's popular not least because if you go wrong all you need to do is rub it out with an eraser. There are many different types of pencil depending on whether you want a harder or softer look, but the key thing to look out for are the hexagonal shaped ones are these are perfect for comfortable grip so your fingers don't become sore.

Pen sets

Whether you're looking for brush pens, felt tip pens or anything in between, a pen set is great for newbies and professional artists alike. Not only can you choose from a massive array of colours in your set, it also gives you a chance to experience with other types of pens that you may not have otherwise chosen. Look out for pen sets which come in carrying cases too, as this is a great way to prevent your pens going missing.

Drawing boards

A drawing board is a large flat board which is usually fitted to a frame so it looks a bit like a desk. Ranging from basic wooden boards to more complex ones complete with measuring tools, drawing boards are ideal when working on particularly large pieces of paper to stop it becoming torn or dog-eared.

So, express yourself in your own artistic way by choosing from the vast array of craft products on eBay now.

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