Other Drums

Percussion Instruments and Drums

Drums are a popular percussion instrument that deliver varied sound depending on how the player strikes the drum. Traditional drum kits have been improved and the range has expanded to include electronic drums and other drums and percussion instruments, which deliver a new sound and more options to suit every style of musician in helping them to perfect their art. Most drum sets have everything you need to be able to start playing right away. Included in the sets are adjustable aluminium drum racks, snare pads, natural rebound tom pads, round cymbals, hi hat pedals, bass drum pedals, drum thrones and drum sticks.

Electric Drums

Electronic drum kits are suitable for beginners and experts alike. The benefit of using an electric drum kit is being able to use headphones for silent practices. This is particularly practical for people who live in highly residential areas or shared accommodations and want to be able to play the drums when inspiration hits without being restricted by noise constraints. Electronic drum kits give you the added benefit of preset voices, tempo beats, preset kits, user kits, song styles, and demo songs. Users can also up their music game by integrating the tap tempo metronome, real time recording and playback functions, digital reverb effects, and digital chorus effects. Stereo headphone outputs and auxiliary inputs are compatible with MP3 and CD’s so you are able to plug in and play along with your favourite songs.

Drum Pads

Ergonomic and durable kick drum pad design made from cloth and mesh ensures that you will enjoy a crisp and true sound. The drum pad design works with both single and double pedals. Perfect for beginners just learning how to play the drums to professionals looking to perfect their talent.

World Drums

World drums are varied depending on their country of origin and offer differing sounds. These drums are often used as display pieces in homes to create the perfect aesthetic feel to your decor. The traditional nature of world drums means that they are not only steeped in tradition but are also attractively designed, often painted with traditional symbols and patterns to suit the origin of the drum. For musicians, world drums can offer a different sound that they may be looking for and provide theatrics to performances.