Electronics accessories for every situation

One of the advantages of online shopping for electronics is the wide array of accessories, parts and electronic components one has easy access to. No matter what sort of device you're shopping for, there is an array of kits, add-ons, mods or extra components available.

Where once you had to visit a speciality shop and hope they stocked the specific camera lens, tracker, phone charger or anything else that you needed, now you have access to the entire world in one place.

Battery chargers and charging cables

People today are positively laden down with handheld, battery-powered devices. Although more and more of them are adopting one of a handful of ‘universal' charging cable standards, it can still be a pain when the charger you use for your camera, smartphone, laptop or other wireless device breaks or frays.

However, you can find just about any charger or power cable you need, in a variety of lengths and types, from many different manufacturers.


High-end cassette decks, camera lenses, laptop screens and more devices than one can easily count require specific cleaning fluids or other similar accessories to stay in tip-top shape. A quick search will help you find anything that you need, both name-brand and generic.


One thing is for sure about adaptors – as soon as you get used to a connector standard, it changes. You might need a cable to connect a USB3 to a mini-USB charging port, a mains adaptor to let you use your US-bought laptop on Australian house current, or a speciality adaptor to let you run classic games consoled on modern, HDMI-enabled monitors. You'll find them all here.

Replacement parts and filters

Some things were meant to be used up and replaced. Water and air filters are common components in need of replacement, but so too are those pieces which are easily lost. Your phone or tablet's stylus will frequently need replacing, as will the caps of your earbud-style headphones.