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Taking better shots with film photography equipment & accessories

So you’re an avid photographer or videograher with a quality digital camera at your disposal, but there’s plenty of other film photography gear you might be keen to get your hands on for that old school approach. Where can you find darkroom and developing equipment, digital camera backs, camera lens boards, camera rangefinder units, movie motor drives and winders, movie editing equipment and lots of different film photography gear? eBay has got it all covered.

Smoke effects

A box of 10 smoke effect photography aid cakes will let you create that atmospheric smokey feel in seconds. Importantly, the smoke effect is non-toxic.

Dial thermometer

A darkroom dial thermometer can be used in darkroom film development to a precision accuracy within one degree. It features a leak-proof seal for immersion in the solution tray and it can be recalibrated.

More film photography accessories

Other available film photography equipment and accessories include lens hoods, zoom handle levers,, super bright fresnel ground glass and a large variety of plastic frame and genuine leather bag bellows for different models such as the Shenhao TZ wide angle, Sinar Horseman, Linhof Technika, Cambo Actus, Wista or Toyo Super Graphic. For example, the bellows accessory for the Linhof 4x5 Technika L Format camera is 140mm x 140mm.

Pop online to eBay anytime and pick up what you need or treat yourself to a few fun extras that will help improve your street and landscape film photography skills.