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Fine Jewellery

Buying a piece of fine jewellery is a great statement of love for that special someone in your life or a great treat for yourself. With so many brands offering beautiful pieces of jewellery, the hardest part of buying is choosing which piece is for you. After deciding whether you want to buy rings, necklaces, bracelets or earrings, you will have to choose whether you want a brand new piece or a beautifully preserved vintage piece.


Giving someone a ring is a momentous occasion. Fine rings are the perfect gift for a special birthday or even an engagement. Before buying your ring, ensure you know from which metal you want it to be made. Of course, the rarer the metal, the more expensive the jewellery will be. There are hundreds of unique rings that are encrusted with beautiful gemstones, such as sapphires, rubies and diamonds, and with varying carats of gold.


Similar to rings, there are hundreds of unique necklaces available in various pendant styles. Many designs feature diamonds, gemstones, pearls or other fine metals suspended from a chain and are immensely popular. Various jewellery companies like Tiffany, Pandora and Georg Jensen have different styles, so if you know which jeweller you like, it is worth searching for necklaces from it specifically.


Before buying a bracelet, make sure you know the exact measurements of the recipients wrist. A bracelet that is too tight will be very uncomfortable and probably unwearable, whereas one that is too loose is likely to fall off and get lost. Another thing to consider before buying is the durability of the jewellery. Bracelets are exposed to knocks and scratches far more than other pieces of jewellery as they are worn around the wrist; a durable bracelet will be appreciated for many years.

New and Vintage

When buying fine jewellery, it is worth researching whether the piece is brand new or vintage. When looking for vintage jewellery, there are dozens of hidden gems that will cost less than brand new pieces, but look just as good. Buying brand new pieces will ensure that your jewellery is not damaged before buying, but they are often more expensive than used jewellery.