Every home and work site around Australia can use a container of Isopropyl alcohol, the powerful cleaning solvent with an ultra fast drying rate. It is typically found in first aid alcohol prep pads.

When to use Isopropyl alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol has countless applications and benefits. You can rely on it to help clean household fixtures such as taps, wipe off grease and grime on benches and appliances, clean the screens of all digital devices such as phones, tablets and desktops without leaving unsightly streaks, and remove ink from clothes or walls. It's also a very useful general window cleaner for the house and vehicle, and comes into its own when you need to remove frost from glass. Wish Isopropyl alcohol was capable of even more? Try using it to prepares walls and other surfaces for adhesive hooks or to clean brushes without damaging the natural bristles. This high quality hard surface cleaner is a serious solution for almost any cleaning, maintenance, automotive, industrial or general purpose application you can imagine. Isopropyl alcohol might be clear, but it shines when the job gets tough.

How to use Isopropyl alcohol

Since Isopropyl alcohol evaporates almost immediately, it is far less likely to cause shock or damage to electrical components than other methods. Simply pour some onto a cotton ball or microfiber cloth. Mixing one part Isopropyl alcohol and one part water also creates an outstanding disinfectant you can use with a spray bottle.

Buying Isopropyl alcohol

When it comes to buying Isopropyl alcohol on eBay, you can choose how much you need. There are 1 litre, 5 litre and large 20 litre bottles of 100% Isopropyl alcohol available. This product should always be packaged in a plastic container that is compliant with dangerous goods.

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