Fitness, Running and Yoga Products

There are loads of fitness products, machines and devices designed to target all kinds of areas in your body. It's certainly never been easier to get fit with so many free online guides to assist you, and plenty of equipment available to help you get there.


Often overlooked as boring and dull, treadmills offer more versatility for exercise than most people think they have. Not only adjustable as to speed, the incline option can really serve to challenge and ramp up your fitness goals. Plyometrics can be performed on a treadmill for fast results, and treadmills are even popular as desks. With the belt operating at a slow pace, the user strolls as they work, therefore, remaining active and clocking up plenty more miles and calories burned than had he or she been sitting all day.

Gym Equipment

Fitness equipment and gears aren't limited to large weights and heavy machines. Skipping ropes for HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and cardio; foam rollers for stretching tight, tired and sore muscles and assisting with yoga; and balance balls for yoga, Pilates and weight training are all popular items in a gym enthusiast's arsenal. Having the correct equipment will help you to achieve your desired goals and hone in on areas you wish to focus on. A great yoga mat will provide a base for you to focus on your skill, not the bumps in the ground beneath you.

Fitness Activewear

What you wear when you exercise is just as important as how you exercise. Comfortable, high-performance activewear is a must. Uncomfortable exercise clothes will chafe, impede movement and retain sweat and moisture. There are plenty of brands specialising in activewear, such as Nike, adidas and Lululemon. Their fabrics are designed to be cooling and sweat wicking, often with two- or four-way stretch for ease of movement. Clothing incorporates features such as no-rub seams or entirely seamless designs, flattering lines to contour to your body and breathable fabrics to prevent overheating. Wind- and rain-proof shells are a great addition to the runner's wardrobe, allowing running in all weather conditions and sheltering the effects of rain showers and blustery winds.