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Savoury food & antipasto for every great barbie

Not everybody has a sweet tooth. For many, the punchy flavours of savoury food are where its at. Whether you love the hit of spice you get from a great curry, the mouth-watering meatiness of pork sausage rolls or a good old bag of potato chips, you can find an exciting selection of both Australian and more exotic products to give you your savoury fix right here on eBay. From everyday food to perfect party snacks to delight guests, you can mix and match to find the perfect savoury accompaniments to your next do.


Antipasto is traditionally a pre-dinner snack to keep you going until the main course. It literally translates as before the meal. But it can also make the perfect low-maintenance party food, with many coming as dairy-free antipasto, kosher or halal varieties to fulfil your guests dietary requirements too. Lay out platters of delicious nibbles and let your guests help themselves. Its fuss-free, fun food and can make a great alternative to a sit-down meal. Not only will you eat well, youll get to enjoy yourself with your mates rather than spending all your time in the kitchen.

Pile your Antipasto platter with savoury Italian classics like olives, cheese, prosciutto and other cured meats, and bruschetta (toasted bread topped with sunshine tomatoes, garlic and a drizzle of olive oil). Serve them with drinks, salads and a couple of desserts or tarts and youll have one very happy crowd. You can find some delicious Italian treats all the way from Italy if youre looking for that authentic antipasto experience.

Pull off the perfect barbie

Its that all-time Aussie classic, the barbeque. Make your next one memorable by choosing some delicious savoury ingredients to prepare. Find a new spicy sauce to marinate for your chicken. Add flavour to your salad and vegetable dishes with tasty dressings. And find exciting snacks and crackers to serve alongside your meat. Youll find no end of interesting new recipes, from plantain chips to bacon crispbread bites.