Other Hard Drives (HDD, SSD & NAS)

Choosing Storage

Looking for storage space? An external hard drive can provide the perfect solution. But which one is best? As technology advances, data storage devices change over time. Where people may have used floppy disks and CDs to store data in the past (and some people still do), technology now offers a much wider range of options. While USB flash drives are perfect for storing smaller amounts of data, and are portable enough to be carried almost anywhere, for larger data storage needs, external hard drives can be a better option.   When choosing between external hard drives, there are various choices to be made, depending on the type of device required – and the allowable budget. HDD and SSD are two of the most common options to choose from. Both the hard drive (HDD) and solid state drive (SSD) are data storage devices. Both use non-volatile memory (NVM) – a kind of long-term data storage that retains information even when the device is not receiving power. But how they store, read and write data is different.

Storing Data

Because of the way it is designed, a HDD will often offer a higher data storage capacity. Standard HDDs that provide a few terabytes’ worth of storage are not difficult to find. An SSD, however, usually offers lower data storage capacity – at a much higher price. Why is it more expensive? Some people believe that because it has no moving parts – being a solid state drive – an SSD is less likely to fail than an HDD. An SSD is also much faster. When it comes to technology, faster usually equals better.   What about NAS? NAS – or Network Attached Storage – is used to store data, and share it between devices. How does this work? A NAS system plugged into a Wi-Fi router or network allows various devices on that network to access the data held within the system. That could mean watching saved movies or listening to saved music. Interested? Whether it’s a HDD or SSD, or even a NAS system, eBay is the place to go to compare options. Check out big brands such as Dell, HP, Samsung, Seagate and Western Digital, to find a massive range of brand new and used options.