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Hiking Equipment

Whether you're an amateur on holiday or a professional, good-quality and reliable gear is essential when hiking. From sturdy boots to a comfortable pack, equipping yourself with the right products will make hiking all the more fun whilst eliminating unnecessary discomfort.

Hiking Boots

Hiking shoes and boots are possibly the most important items in your hiking inventory. A good pair of boots needs to be able to withstand rough terrain, provide ankle support, be comfortable for long-term wear and waterproof or, at the very least, water-resistant. Rubber soles with a deep tread hold up well on rocky ground whilst keeping feet nice and dry, and offer flexibility without weight. Padding in ankle support greatly minimises the chance of rolling your ankle or catching your ankles on low-lying flora, branches, stones or other debris.

Hiking Backpacks

Whether it's a day pack for a short hike or a full pack for a multi-day trek, the backpack you choose will have a direct and lasting impact on your comfort. Packs need to be constructed in a way that distributes weight evenly around your body when fully loaded. Hip supports and padded shoulder straps ensure the load is positioned correctly on your back and there is no potentially damaging strain. Padding eliminates chances of chafing, and adjustable straps conform to your individual body shape and size. Weatherproof and weather-resistant materials are double- and triple-stitched to make sure they hold up no matter how much strain is placed on the seams to keep your items inside dry even in rain. Handy pockets, both internal and external, provide homes for water bottles, a safe place to store your documents and prevent small items from being lost in the rest of the bag.

Hiking Trekking and Walking Poles

Trekking and walking sticks offer support when traversing mountainous terrain. Lightweight and durable, yet slender, they will assist you up even the rockiest passages.

Hiking Clothing

What you wear when hiking is essential for protection against the elements. Even in a mild climate, the ascent up a mountain can expose you to cold winds and scorching sunlight. Clothing that is breathable and constructed from sweat-wicking fabrics will help keep your temperature regulated and your body comfortable. Waterproof and windproof shells protect you from wind chill whilst adding minimal weight, and down jackets are thin and ultra-lightweight, whilst providing valuable warmth in snowy conditions. A good pair of hiking leggings or trousers will withstand scrapes and brushes in forests and bush, and are comfortable enough for you to move all day without chafing.

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