Comparing Shoe Racks

Available in a vast array of styles and sizes, shoe racks can provide a convenient way to keep shoes and boots neat, organised, and easy to find. Instead of having to wade through piles of shoes when trying to decide which pair will go with todays outfit, a shoe rack or shoe cabinet keeps each pair of shoes within easy reach, so they can be assessed for suitability. So, what should buyers look for when buying a shoe rack? From size to style, functionality to flexibility, there are many important elements to consider when comparing shoe racks. Lets take a look.

Finding the Right Shoe Rack

First up, size. Most people will only have a certain amount of space in their closet for shoes - or, if they are really lucky, in their walk-in wardrobe. Because shoe racks come in all shapes and sizes, its possible to find a shoe rack - or combination of shoe racks - that will offer the most shoe storage, within the space available. At this point, it can be a good idea to think about the style of shoe rack needed. If the shoe rack is to be on show, its a good idea to choose one that will fit the décor in the room. In terms of materials, its worthwhile bearing in mind that some materials will be more durable than others.

Now to functionality. Sure, looks are important, but when it comes to something like a shoe rack, functionality should be high on the agenda. Think about how many shoes the shoe rack will have to hold - and what kind of shoes it will be holding. Some shoe racks are better at storing flats, while some work better for heels. Boots can also be tricky, as they need more available height. This is where flexibility comes in. Some shoe racks offer adjustable shelves, to allow for easy storage of everything from the flattest of flats, to the tallest of boots. And the best place to compare options? eBay, of course! With everything from coat and hat racksto hooks and hangers, eBay is the place to shop for all home storage essentials.