Horse Riding Clothing

Horse riding clothing is designed to be comfortable and allow for plenty of movement as you ride. Whether you are out for a trail ride or competing in a show, it is important to choose clothing which will allow you to move and feel in complete control of you and your horse.

Horse Riding Trousers

When searching for horse riding clothing and accessories, it's best to start with the trousers. Your legs should be able to move to control the horse’s movement with your lower body freely. Full breeches are a very common choice among riders because they provide ample room to allow your legs to be in motion. Tights designed for riding are another option as they have flexible material. Because they hug your body, you can easily move along with your horse and have the adaptability needed to get in and out of the saddle with ease.


When searching for other protective equestrian gear, chaps are an important investment. They protect your trousers from wear and tear as you ride. Chaps come in a wide range of colours, allowing you to show off your own personal style


Another part of horse riding clothing is the shirts you choose. Equestrian shirts are the most popular to be worn with them being lightweight and allowing you to move freely. They come in a variety of materials such as cotton and polyester.

Brands and Style

When selecting clothing for riding, you have the option of different brands. Whether you select Dirza Bone rider clothing or Wrangler styles, you'll find quality options. Some are solid in colour while others feature equestrian designs. Even if you have special requirements for a show or association, you can find different styles which allow you to show your personality.