Controlling who has access to one of the most dangerous weapons you will own is your responsibility. Keep your firearm from prying house guests, visitors, and children’s hands with a high quality gun case.

Whether you want to store your gun for ultimate access, safety, protection or all three, there are a range of cases on the market that will suit your needs. There are many types of gun cases that offer differing levels of protection according to their shape, size, and material.

Soft gun cases

These cases are more ideal when you are carrying a gun when in use. They are a popular choice as the firearm can quickly slip in and out, and are the most affordable option. Made from leather, canvas, or polyester, they are also lined with fleece or other soft materials to provide added padding. While they are more lightweight than a hand gun case, they can be more easily damaged.

Hard gun cases

Hard gun cases come in metal, plastic, leather or wood, and they are intended to protect the gun from any bumps or whacks during transportation. You may find some hard gun cases that are shaped to the exact outline of your gun, which can offer extra protection to keep the gun in the right place all the time. All hard gun cases should come equipped with locks, so that only the rightful owner has access to them. While they offer more protection than soft gun cases, they are also heavier and bulkier.

Whether you buy a soft or hard gun case, all cases should be waterproof so as to protect your firearm from rusting.

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