Other Industrial Equipment and Supplies

If you are starting a new project and need specific parts or are looking to replenish your supplies for general construction, you will find a wide range of products from exhaust fans to pedestal fans. The fans are made from aluminium and work at a variety of voltages. They have different speed settings and they also come in black and white colours to suit different areas.

Tool Sets

To make sure you are well equipped with industrial supplies you can find full tool kits for any project. You might need tools for a metal working project like a bench grinder, so there is a full range of industrial metalworking equipment and machinery.

Different Fan Types

If you need an industrial exhaust fan, you can find an option to suit your professional or DIY project. There are different sizes available to make sure that you can install the fan in rooms with limited space or have a less noticeable fan. There are also pedestal fans to stand alone or other wall fans for different industrial needs.

Wheels For Every Use

Caster wheels can be hard to find and are used in many different applications. For industrial equipment like heavy duty caster wheels, you can support heavy weights when used on trolleys and carts. This makes them ideal to move heavy items like furniture or other pieces of industrial equipment that you may need to take with you for different projects. Your needs might be less heavy duty but you will be able to find the right caster wheels for your project.

Construction Supplies

Sometimes it is tricky to locate a specific part when you need it. That is why it is good to have access to a wide range of products when you need them. Copper sheeting, ball bearings, stainless steel products, gears and fixtures can be useful in a range of projects and settings.