Other Industrial Fasteners and Hardware

Industrial fasteners denote a broad category of hardware, but the most recognisable elements to the common person are standard nuts and bolts. Alongside these are the expected accessories, such as washers and grommets, that go with them. 

Other Industrial Fasteners & Hardware Types

There are lots of different kinds of industrial hardware, all intended for various specific purposes. For example, plasterboard screws that can dig in and hold in gypsum or drywall, or heavy staples that can pin all types of materials to one another. Rivets, anchors, D-shackles, carabiner clips and so forth all fall into this family of industrial supplies. Likewise, the supplementary items that reinforce these things, like thread sealer, thread tape and various glues can be part of these, too. 

Other Industrial Fasteners & Hardware Uses

Of course, most of these kinds of hardware gear toward securing the many different component parts of a construction project, from plumbing to heating and cooling systems and beyond. Each of these types calls for a separate set of tools and elements, although there is some crossover between the supplies for different kinds of jobs.