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How Do I Find the Right Industrial Hand Tools?

Whether you're a handyman as a trade, or you just need to work on a few projects around the house, having the right industrial hand tools is imperative to getting the job done. Don't let the word ‘industrial' fool you. Generally speaking, it simply refers to common items most handy homeowners have around the house, such as a small tool set, power tools, nail guns and other items like wire cutters and such. There are many different hand tools at your disposal and finding the right ones are a cinch, especially when you have certain projects in mind.

What Are Common Tools for a Home Tool Box?

Even if DIY is not your thing, and you simply want tools around for a few small minor repairs, there are few pieces you should have in your tool box, for emergencies and otherwise:

  • A nail gun allows you to inject nails into the wall with precision and less headaches. Even if you are just hanging a picture or two, this is a necessary item.
  • A power drill allows you to take care of quite a few projects; installing baby/dog gates, adding curtain rods or brackets and many other at-home projects. Look for one that has removable bits, so you can use different bits for different things.
  • A wire cutter is an essential tool. Not just for cutting wire, use it to cut through hard surfaces when scissors fail.

What Are Some DIY Projects for Small Hand Tools?

If you'd like to put your own personal touch or spin on your home, and you're searching for some projects to do so, a few things to help you get started include:

  • Shelves and wall storage: Add floating shelves or other wall storage to add decorative objects, make bookshelves for the kids, or to spruce up your home office.
  • Bathroom upgrades: Install a vanity or shelving in the bathroom to offer more storage space as well as an elegant look.
  • A game room/bar: Turn your finished basement into a game room or mini-bar with counters, wall hangings, furniture and more.

What Other Tools or Kits Might I Need?

Other than the tools mentioned, there are a few other kits or tools you may need for specialty projects, or if you need them for work. Some of these include:

  • Grease gun: Use this in the garage on your automobiles or other machinery.
  • Clamps: Use these for building, woodworking or for other projects in your garage or basement.
  • Needle-nose pliers: Use pliers for many tasks around the house, from getting a screw just right to cutting.
  • Wrench kits: Have a wrench kit on hand to tackle projects for both machinery and in the home.