Other Industrial Hardware

Industrial hardware for DIY enthusiasts

If youre a builder, business owner or DIY enthusiast in Australia, youll want to get your hands on some industrial hardware. When you opt for industrial hardware, such as generators, saws and cement mixers, you get industry standard products. On eBay, you can browse and purchase a wide range of high-quality industrial hardware, so you can take your building projects to the next level.

Handheld industrial tools

If youre looking for the highest standard of handheld industrial hardware tools, eBay has everything youll need. Whether youre looking for a hydraulic hose crimping tool so that you can crimp barbed and beaded fittings, or you need a professional auto body stud welder for repairing deformations on vehicles in your workshop, you can find a great selection of these products available.

Larger industrial tools

For bigger projects, or if youve got a bigger workspace, you might need to purchase larger industrial hardware tools that will stay static in your workshop. For example, if youre working with heavy machinery, an electric hoist can be the perfect machine to move objects around your workshop quickly and easily. This alleviates the potential for injuries and cuts down on unnecessary wasted time. Or you might need a sandblaster, which can be used for all of your pressure abrasive cleaning needs.

You can also find a range of folding aluminium ladders that have adjustable steps. Easy to store and light to carry, folding ladders are are a useful piece of equipment to own. Certain ladders can fold into a range of different positions and others have two platforms to make your DIY tasks easier. Look out for ladders with non-slip treads to ensure you stay safe whilst climbing up them.

Spare parts

On eBay, you can purchase a range of industrial hardware parts to support your existing hardware. From router bits, grinder discs, drill bits to lifting slings, choose from a wide selection of spare parts to make your DIY tasks easier.