Industrial Pumps

Industrial pumps such as fuel flow meter pumps allow you to pump fuel at a precise rate. This has a number of industrial applications as well as some domestic ones.

Why Use A Meter Pump?

A metered fuel pump allows you to pump fuel in precisely measured amounts. Typically, these pumps draw in an exact volume of fuel on each engine stroke. This is particularly important when you need to ensure that an exact amount of fuel is dispensed. Metered fuel pumps have a wide variety of applications in industry including oil treatment, while other industrial pumps that use metering technology can be deployed in roles as diverse as swimming pool cleaning, bottle washing and water desalination. Meter pumps are often designed to be used with a specific liquid, as the liquid’s viscosity can affect the metering system and so the pump has to be calibrated appropriately.

Pumping Methods

Pumps can be driven in a number of different ways. Typically, large industrial pumps are powered by an engine, which is often fuelled using petrol or diesel. These pumps are available at a wide range of horsepower ratings. Pumps are typically described by their flow rate in litres per hour. However, some other fuel pump designs are intended to be operated by muscle power alone. Hand pumps are typically more suitable for pumping small amounts of fuel, but they do not use fuel themselves and have fewer moving parts, making them cheaper to run and often more reliable. Another common type is the pneumatic pump, which uses compressed air to drive the mechanism. Like hand pumps, these are typically preferred for smaller volumes.

Other Metering Solutions

If you already have a standard non-metering pump, there are ways to check fuel flow rates other than simply replacing the pump. Liquid flow meters and mass flow meters allow you to record the amount of liquid that is flowing through a pipe. If you only want to know the amount of liquid that is flowing and don’t need to dispense a very specific amount, this can be a more practical solution than using a metering pump.

Other Essential Pumping Equipment

No matter how good your fuel pump is, it still needs something to pump fuel into. An oil transfer pump without a pipe attached will just make a huge mess. Pump parts and accessories like tubes and hoses are required to direct the fuel to where it is needed. Higher pressure hoses can be used with more powerful pumps and larger diameter hoses allow a higher rate of flow.