Other Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets

Easy slow cooking thanks to heat diffusers

When it comes to simple kitchen utensils and gadgets that help you make better food, its hard to go past super efficient heat diffusers made by leading brands like Aris, Avanti, Truka or Kinghoff.

What is a heat diffuser?

A heat diffuser is a high-quality steel, lightweight tinplate or cast iron ring that sits on top of a cooking surface, such as a gas cooktop or electric stove, to control the temperature of the cooking surface and ensure food does not burn.

How does a heat diffuser work?

All you have to do is place the heat diffuser above the cooktop and put the cooking pot or pan directly on top. Turn down the heat down to low and you have instantly created your own version of a slow cooker or rice cooker.

What are the benefits of a heat diffuser?

Firstly, you will never burn your food again. Simply let the ingredients simmer away while you relax and return to a fragrant, tender slow-cooked meal. Secondly, a heat diffuser helps protect your cookware from damage caused by constant heat. That also means nice and easy cleaning rather than harsh scrubbing.

When can you use a heat diffuser?

Theres just about no limit to what you can achieve with the help of your heat diffusing plate or ring. These handy kitchen items are perfect for making soups, casseroles, rice, vegetables, sauces, hot drinks and plenty more.

What sizes are available?

Heat diffusers are designed to comfortably cover the flame or hot plate. You can buy these handy devices in different sizes to suit your cooktop, such as 19cm diameter, 21cm diameter or 23cm diameter for larger cooking surfaces.