Other Lacrosse Gear

Get kitted out with lacrosse equipment

Get ready to dominate your lacrosse match with the best equipment to help you control the game. Lacrosse is one of the fastest games out there and requires you to be strong, agile, fast, and athletic. To bring your best game, you need the right gear for the job.

On eBay, you can find a large selection of equipment, ranging from lacrosse sticks, goals and nets, to men's and women's clothing wear.

Lacrosse memorabilia make great gifts for your lacrosse enthusiast mates, such as historic original photos of winning teams and cool t-shirts. Alternatively, custom-made diploma certificates declaring your chosen lacrosse buddy a Professor of Lacrosse are a bit of fun and would make an awesome present for your coach or chosen player of the year.

Protective gear to keep you safe and strong

To help you avoid any injuries, you can find a range of protective gear to keep you safe whilst playing, including lacrosse shoulder pads, arm guards, and gloves.

Set foot on the field of play with confidence, knowing that you have the best equipment to keep your head, body, and mind safe whilst playing this contact sport. Helmets and mouthguards are also available to help prevent hits, falls, and checks from causing harm in the long run, so you can keep playing at your best.

Essential lacrosse equipment for your game and training

Not only can you step out on game day ready for war with your safety gear on, but you can turn up with the very best balls, cleats, sticks, and gear bags from brands such as Champion Sports, Olympia, and Warrior.

Enter the field ready physically and mentally with the very best equipment, whether you need some new balls for training, a lacrosse goal to practice your shooting or new cleats for better traction.