Other Laptop & Desktop Accessories

The number of accessories for laptops and desktops have grown over the years, and are no longer contained to the mouse and the famous laptop cooling pad. Whether it's for maintenance or convenience, you can add a number of accessories to your arsenal for enjoyable and comfortable computer usage.

Stay Mobile

For the times you don't want to be bound to a particular spot, a portable computer desk is the perfect accessory to own. Bring along your notebook to bed, your living room, or even the beach, and be in your zone as you complete tasks or entertain yourself. Some portable computer desks even include additional features such as inbuilt cup holders, LED lights, and coolers to maximise comfort.

Stay Clean

Your laptop/desktop needs to stay clean in order to perform optimally and give you a comfortable experience, so invest in an air compressor or USB vacuum to get the dust out of your keyboard. Some computer cleaning solution and a soft microfiber cloth are also good tools to keep on hand to wipe down your monitor and keys, removing grime and fingerprints.

Stay Connected

Connectivity to other devices is very important, so consider adding some USB and HDMI cords to your gadget cache. If your laptop/desktop does not have an inbuilt Bluetooth adapter, then consider getting an external one. For a steadier and sometimes speedier Internet connection while at home or work, a networking cable may be apt to connect directly to your modem. Of course, you don't necessarily need all of these; it will depend heavily on your usage patterns.

Stay Entertained

For the ultimate entertainment experience, it is wise to invest in good peripherals. Gaming requires a reliable mouse and an immersive pair of headphones for the best sessions, while a loud but clear pair of speakers is a must for movie nights and house parties. You can even push it a level up by getting a projector and white screen to attach to your computer, and utilise them while playing video games or watching movies.