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Whats in a clothes peg? They might not be your most valuable possessions, but they do come in very handy! No one wants to return from work to find their clothes in a soggy heap on the floor, so good clothes pegs are essential. The poor things are subjected to wind, sun and water from rain and wet clothes, yet we expect them to do the job nonetheless! When you need to replace your clothes pegs, make sure you choose some that are built to last. For some great quality at great prices, get online to eBay!

Clothes pegs are a clever piece of engineering that need to peg large items, small items, thick fabrics and thin fabrics and you want them to work more than once. There are actually a variety of clothes pegs on the market, so here are a few:

The Heg Peg

The Heg Peg won an Australian design award. Its a peg with hooks. Made from UV protected plastic, the peg has wide grips for your hands and to hold onto your clothes. The unique hook on the end of either side of the peg allows you to have items on the line and then hang other items off the peg. Ideal for hanging a coat hanger, shoes string straps, belt hooks from your jeans. This is a top of the price range clothes peg.

The Stainless Steel Peg

The stainless steel peg is claimed to last a lifetime. There are a few different designs to choose from. It wont age in the weather and it wont snap. Its built to last. The stainless steel peg looks good in its silver state and has no pieces that will rust or mould. Provided you dont lose them, you shouldnt need to replace them. They come with a lifetime warranty and you can buy a sample pack. You are investing in these pegs lasting for a top price.

The Reva

The Reva laundry peg is the tried and true plastic peg that you can buy in bulk at a very affordable price. It is known to every Australian household. Many consumers swear by them for their durability and affordability. They come in bulk packs and single colour packs. Easy to replace.

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