Other Leathercraft Accessories

All you need leathercraft accessories in one place

The amazing art of leathercraft involves designing, cutting, sewing and punching holes in a particular chosen piece of hide to make a beautiful handmade item. This could be a bag, belt, book cover or anything else you fancy. Whether you've been enjoying your hobby for years or this is all brand new to you, you can find everything you need all in one place on eBay.


An essential in any leathercrafter's toolbox, these leathercraft kits come with everything you could possibly need to cut and stitch your professional-looking creations. With how-to's, leathercraft tools and materials, you can be sure to learn the ropes of this hobby quickly. They also make a considerate gift for anyone who is just starting out with their hobby as they come with everything from bevelling tools to grinding tools, creasers and everything in between.


Make your beautiful leatherwork unique by stamping it with one of the 20 designs in a pack of stamping tools from eBay. Choose from flowers, moons, star shapes, teardrops, and more to create pretty patterns on your bag, belt or other leather creation. Made from strong high-quality metal, these stamps are durable and long-lasting.

Bookbinding screws and rivets

Rivets are tiny pieces of metal, like studs, and be used to decorate anything from clothing to bags. Available in bronze, silver, and gold, rivets are durable and easy to attach.

Replacement blades

Ultra sharp and usually come in packs of ten, these replacement blades are ideal for achieving the perfect finishes when cutting your leather. Made from stainless steel which keeps its sharpness and doesn't rust or tarnish, these blades are designed to prevent cutting leather too deeply and are great for scoring too.

Whatever level you're at with your leathercraft hobby, you'll find all the supplies you need on eBay. Take a look now and you might even discover new tools you didn't know existed.