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You've had a killer day at work. Hunched over the computer, standing all day at a whiteboard or counter, or simply run off your feet with errands. You finally make it home, exhausted, and every muscle of your body is silently aching. While one way to unwind involves a glass of wine or a couple of ibuprofen, there is another option.

With hand held massager, you can target aching muscles, working to relax and ease pain. Interested? With eBay's superb range of hand held massagers, you can avoid popping pills and self-medicating with wine, to enjoy instead the intense relaxation and comfort of massage in your own home. And the best thing? You don't even need to leave home to buy it! Compare electric handheld massagers right here on eBay, to find the features you need at the best possible price.

What should you look for when buying hand held massagers?

The first thing to do when buying electric handheld massagers online is read the full details on the listing to confirm what features are on offer. Some listings may offer a hand held massager plus various attachments, while others don't. Look for a high quality build and durable construction, with an Australian outlet plug.

If you're sensitive to massage, you may want to ensure the massager has an adjustable speed, while a streamlined and lightweight design will help you manoeuvre the massager to your sore points. If you enjoy different types of massage, or have various ailments you want to address, then variable massage heads and attachments, as well as an infra-red function, will give you the flexibility to treat various parts of your body. Meanwhile, a rechargeable battery can help you save money in the long term, while also reducing wastage.

Time to shop! Since you're in the mood for a bit of self-pampering, why not check out eBay's extensive range of massage equipment and massage chairs, and really get those endorphins pumping! From hand held massagers to massage chairs and more, this is the place to find all the biggest brands offering the biggest range of options.