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Got one to sell?

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Other Metal Bullion

When people think of bullion, generally the image that comes to mind is of bars of gold, silver and perhaps platinum. Gold, platinum and silver bullion make for solid investments as they hold metal value as well as sometimes being desirable as a collector's item. However, there are many more options when it comes to storing physical assets in the form of precious metals.

About Bullion

Bullion is a way to buy physical stores of precious metals, and hold them as an asset. The main types of bullion include bullion bars, coins and rounds.

  • Bars are rectangular pieces of the metal with a high purity. They're normally bought in weights between 1 gram and 1 kilogram.
  • Coins are minted under the authority of a government, and are valuable both for their metal content and their collectability.
  • Rounds look like coins, but are created by private mints.

Palladium Bullion

Palladium is a rare precious metal with industrial applications. Like platinum, palladium is used as a catalyst in emissions-reducing devices, although many industries prefer palladium. Palladium bullion is mostly mined from countries like South Africa and Russia, which can be unstable and have the potential to drive up prices by limiting supply.

Rhodium Bullion

Rhodium is an extremely rare and valuable metal. It is able to resist corrosion, even from harsh chemicals. Rhodium does have jewellry-making applications, as many jewellers add a thin coat to white gold and silver to improve its appearance and durability. However, most of the world's rhodium supply is used by the automotive industry.

Copper Bullion

Copper is an inexpensive investment, with a huge range of industrial applications. Historically, copper has often been used as a currency by many civilisations. Buying copper in bullion form means its purity is clearly stamped and guaranteed, which scrap and industrial copper does not offer. Copper bullion is increasing in demand, making it a valuable physical asset to acquire.

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