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Tyre Warmers

Helmets, brakes and safety gear are only a few of the risk reduction precautions that a discerning rider uses, but you'd be surprised how important tyre temperatures are for safety when racing. When tyres are cold, the rubber becomes stiff and brittle, which is a big no-no when racing on a track. Warm tyres become soft and provide the optimal size of contact patches with the asphalt, thereby giving the rider better grip essential for turning those tough corners.

Heating Elements

Tyre warmers have wires connected to a power controller that warm the heating elements sprawled evenly inside the blanket. These heating elements are usually made of a silicone, rubber-coated wound wire that's lightweight, durable and allows for even heat radiation. The wires can't do the job on their own though, which is why most tyre warmers have layers of gel inside that absorb the heat generated and spreads its as evenly as possible to the tyre's surface.


These warmers are basically electric blankets for tyres, but they require thick insulation to remain efficient. Without insulation, the heat generated will leak out into the atmosphere. Therefore, tyre warmers have an outboard layer of silicone or fibreglass to trap the heat in and bake the tyres at around 100 degrees Celsius.

Rim Heating

All the warmth achieved from heating the tyres is rapidly lost if the rims and sidewalls are left cold. This is why many higher quality tyre warmers include a sidewall skirt that extends over the tyre sidewall and wheel to distribute heat to the metal components. This ensures better overall warming so you're always ready for the track on race day.

Other Racing Parts

Tyres aren't the only important motorcycle parts to consider when racing though. Fuel tanks and fuel lines need periodical checking to ensure delivery to the engine is optimal, while levers, such as brake levers and kick starter levers, must always be in top shape for the safest race day possible. Having these on hand ensures you're ready for any contingency on the track and downtimes are cut short or eliminated altogether.

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