Other Notes

Celebrate your passion with notes from around the world

Complete your collection with some notes from various countries, old currencies, and limited edition prints.

Although not legal tender, the collectable notes youll find hold value all on their own as their fun, fascinating nature makes for an amazing collectable or gift. On eBay, youll find a wide range of notes available, with everything from commemorative notes celebrating world leaders, pop stars, movies, and characters to bank notes which either never entered circulation or are no longer legal tender.

Theres something for absolutely everyone and with new listings every day, youll be delighted by the notes available.

A notable gift

Just like legal tender notes, these notes come in a spectacular array of styles, designs, and purposes. From novelty notes celebrating people, TV, characters, animals, and movies to ultra-rare currencies from around the globe which are now no longer accepted, like French notes, the available range on eBay offers something for everyone.

Whether youre a collector looking to purchase a rare note to finish your set or a simply looking for that extra-special gift for somebody in your life, youre sure to find exactly what youre looking for to start off or add to your collection.

Notes for every price range

However much youre looking to spend, the superb selection of notes available on eBay means that you can grab an incredible note for a fair price.

Youll also find a huge selection of ultra-rare and graded notes available, covering some of the most historically significant and unusual notes ever produced, including notes which were never issued, pre-run notes, and antique notes.

Although typically more expensive than novelty notes, these beautiful specimens can be purchased at almost any price, and make for a beautiful addition to any collection, as well as an exciting investment for the future.