Stay safe in the workplace with personal protective equipment on eBay. 

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is used or worn to minimise the risk to worker’s health and safety. If you’re responsible for employees in a hazardous environment, or you work where there are health risks, you need to invest in some PPE. Whether you’re in the construction industry or working around chemicals, there’s a vast range of safety wear available on eBay. 

Eliminate risks from falling objects at work with protective clothing. Safety boots help avoid common foot injuries such as standing on sharp objects, heavy falling materials or electrical hazards. If you’re working in dusty environments or with airborne chemicals, avoid the potential threat of long-lasting eye damage with protective eyewear. With various styles, there are safety goggles to suit your work environment, whether you need anti-fog, scratch-resistant or polarised for sun protection. 

Working in a noisy environment for long periods of time with no protection can cause lasting damage to your hearing. Don’t take your ears for granted; protect them with ear plugs or muffs. Your employer has an obligation to provide you with hearing protection. Whether you prefer ear plugs for their convenience with other PPE or ear muffs as they’re harder to misplace, eBay has plenty of options to choose from. 

Whatever industry you’re in, if there are risks on site then you will be required to wear PPE. With a huge selection available on eBay to accommodate all safety needs, you can buy everything you need in just one click.