Other Photo Albums & Storage

Photo Albums and Storage

Even in this digital age, there’s something magical about organising and keeping photo albums. Whether you’re placing them in a box to go through later or you are setting them up for display for others to enjoy, such as in a photo album, there are many ways to keep your photos tidy and together in one spot for easy viewing. For some, scrapbooking and organising keepsakes and photos is a relaxing hobby, and it can even be a form of art. Shop varied accessories and items to help keep your photographs pristine and enjoyable for years to come.


One of the most common ways to organise and showcase photos is to use a classic photo album. There are many different types of photo albums. They differ in size, material and even how the photos are displayed on the inside. For a classic, elegant look, leather photo albums and boxes work well in a home office or on a shelf in another room of the home. You may also want to consider a simple ring binder photo album, in which you can use plastic sleeves to hold photos, keeping them tidy and easy to view.

Scrapbook Boxes

Whether you’re in the midst of organisation or you have a wealth of photos, scrapbook boxes are a terrific idea. You may want to place the photos in paper or plastic sleeves before placement in the boxes to keep them free from harm, but boxes are a great way to store your photographs. Boxes are also a great choice for keepsakes, negatives and other photo accessories.

Sleeves and Holders

Different types of sleeves and holders work with different binders. For example, some photo pages have a plastic sheath and a sticky background on which to place photographs so that they’ll stick. You can also affix some photos with gummed corners to help keep them in place. Other sleeves separate photos for you, often allowing you several standard size photographs on one page.

Other Accessories

Beyond boxes, sleeves and albums, you may want other types of accessories to display photos. In lieu of picture frames, ‘clothespins’ designed uniquely for hanging photos are a great idea. Also, you may also want to use cardstock to make your own display frames or display the photos that way in an album. Other accessories you may want to have on hand include plenty of single sleeves as well as photo-safe glue or adhesive.