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Other Photo Studio and Lighting Equipment

Having a photo studio or photo studio level equipment makes it possible to create beautiful photographs and family portraits. As well as the camera itself, there are many different components that make a photo studio successful. Lighting equipment as well as equipment for setting up the lights in proper configurations are some of the most important parts of a photo studio.

Photo Studio Continuous Lighting

Photo studio continuous lighting is the lighting that stays on during the entire photography process. This is typically a softer background lighting that works well for many different types of portrait photography. You can find continuous lighting rigs that attach directly to the ceiling as well as portable continuous lighting rigs that you can place in different areas as needed.

Photo Studio Flash Lighting

Photo studio flash lighting is another important component of photograpbhy lighting. Flash lighting creates a short burst of bright light that is directed at the subject of the photograph. You can find flash lighting equipment that attaches directly to the camera or flash lighting equipment that you can place anywhere. Some pieces of flash equipment can even be operated remotely.

Photo Studio Softboxes and Diffusers

Photo booth softboxes and diffusers help to soften the quality of the light and diffuse it so that it covers a wider area. Softbox lights can also help create more natural looking lighting, which is useful for reducing glare and capturing rich colours. Most softboxes and diffusers are designed to be lightweight and portable so you can place them anywhere you need in you photo studio.

Photo Studio Light Stands and Booms

Photo studio lighting stands and booms are essential for placing lighting equipment around a photo studio and for holding the lighting elements steady during the photography process. You can find tripods for holding both continuous and flash lighting elements. Booms are designed to hold lighting elements at an angle to create even lighting from above the subject.