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Other Plants, Seeds and Bulbs

Whether you are looking to plant bulbs or other greenery in plant pots for your garden, you have a large selection to choose from. With a plethora of beautiful flowers, such as daffodils, tulips, anemones and more exotic options likes orchids or Echeveria, there are suitable seeds and bulbs out there for every home.

Colourful Plants

Choosing the colour scheme is often one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for bulbs and plants. Create a dazzling display by mixing bulbs of different colours. However, try to resist the temptation to use too many hues. Keep in mind that each type of bulb has its own blooming period, so look for mixes of plants that bloom at the same time for a well-put-together display.

Climate Conditions

When shopping for bulbs, make sure the ones you choose are suitable to your areas weather patterns. There are two main types of bulbs: hardy and tender. Hardy bulbs thrive in cool temperatures, whereas tender ones only tolerate warmer climates. This means that the latter need to be lifted and stored before winter.

Mushroom Kits

Besides flowers, you can also opt for a mushroom growing kit to expand your gardening horizons. Basic ones are available for beginners, and they include everything you need to grow your own delicious mushrooms, from the substrate to the spores. You can opt for various types, ranging from oyster to shiitake mushrooms. Most that come in home growing kits are edible, so you can impress your loved ones with a steak and mushroom pie made with mushrooms you grew yourself.


Growing flowers or other plants from seeds is rewarding, and the multitude of seeds available make it easy to fill your garden with beautiful flowers or delicious vegetables. When buying flower or vegetable seeds, consider your space and be selective about the varieties according to season.