Other Portable Audio Accessories

Dont miss a beat with MP3 Player Accessories

With portable music players and similar devices so popular, it is no surprise that so many MP3 player accessories are available as well. Some have a few built-in gadgets, of course, but most require a few extra pieces of gear to do everything we could ask of them. And with all your favourite brands such as Sony, Philips, GoGear, Apple, and Logitech, youre sure to find exactly what youre looking for.

Headphones and portable stereo speakers

One of the first accessories many music lovers buy for their MP3 player is a set of headphones or a portable, amplified speaker system. If you love to get outdoors for a jog, a durable set of earbuds are a great choice, as they stay put as you exercise. For those long morning commutes, a pair of headphones that go over your ears do a great job, as most have noise-cancelling technology and excellent sound quality.

For at-home use, a battery operated portable speaker with Bluetooth capabilities is great for playing your favourite tunes, whether youre getting ready for a big night out or just lounging in the garden.

Adapters, power supplies, and charging cables

Whether youve lost your MP3 charger or it didnt survive being chewed by the dog, there is a huge range of replacement MP3 chargers for you to choose from to get you back on track in no time. Whether you want a simple USB cable for transferring your tunes to your other devices, or a charger that plugs into the mains, youll find exactly what youre looking for in this selection.

Audio Connectors

There are a wide range of connectors, cables, and other ways to get your music from your MP3 player to your speakers. Some use simple AUX or USB cable, whereas others need a radio transmitter, such as a Bluetooth or FM transmitter to communicate with a home Hi-Fi or car audio system.