Other Power Saw Blades

Saw Blades

Keep your saw sharp and at the ready by replacing a dull saw blade. When you notice that your saw isnt working as well as it used to or that its chipping and tearing wood instead of making clean cuts, it may be time to upgrade to a brand-new blade. You should always make sure to purchase the right saw blade for your specific saw to yield the best results.

Blade Brands

You may want to replace your blade by brand, especially if you have a saw thats from the same brand. Many well-known saw manufacturers create replacement blades for these tools, including Milwaukee, Makita, Diamond, Bosch, Diablo and DEWALT. You can purchase a saw blade by brand for a compatible fit and feel, which ensures that the blade you choose complements your existing tool.

Blade Types

Since there are multiple types of saws, there are also numerous types of blades to fit those saws, so consider your saw type as you select the right blade to ensure a proper fit. There are blades specifically meant for reciprocating saws, mini saws and jigsaws. Each saw blade has a different purpose, so its important to select the one that fits with your saw model. There are also blades meant for Dremel Saws as well as diamond saw blades. Saw blades vary by the way the teeth look and what theyre meant to cut, such as aluminium, plastic or wood.

Blade Materials

Though many saw blades consist of steel, such as high-speed steel that is durable, strong, and long-lasting, there are other blades constructed from nickel, steel alloys, chrome, carbide and carbon steel. The materials of the blade depend on the purpose for which the saw is used. A diamond saw uses teeth that feature diamond edges for cutting materials like concrete and ceramic, while most saws designed to cut wood are crafted from steel and high-speed steel. For tough tasks like brick cutting, youll require a more abrasive saw blade.

Buying Saw Blades

There are multiple considerations to keep in mind as you purchase saw blades. For one, you should ensure that youre buying the right type of blade for your saw, such as a jigsaw or reciprocating saw. Additionally, purchase blades that are the right size and the right diameter, and look for how many teeth the blade has since a higher number of teeth indicates a smoother cut. Purchase diamond blades for cutting tile, and stick to steel for wood jobs. For harder materials like concrete, bricks or metal, a segmented or abrasive blade works best.