Other Printing Equipment

Printing Equipment

Whether it is for a big or small task, online seller eBay have you covered for all things printing. They have an abundance of machines, backup pieces, paper, transfers, and anything else you can think of. So if you are looking to start your own t-shirt printing business, or just want something for your home, check out their range today, and save money and time by getting it delivered to your door.


Printing custom t-shirts can be a good business or hobby idea. It gives you an outlet for your creativity, and is something always in high demand. The best way to do this at home or in a small business setting is by silk-screen printing. There are plenty of online tutorials that can show you what to do, so when you’re ready you can buy all the screen printing equipment you need on eBay. Products include paints of every colour, squeegees, frames, mesh, metal jigs, and hangers to display your work when it’s all done.

3D Printing

What felt like something out of science fiction only a few years ago is now a reality you can create in your very own home. 3D printing has taken the creative world by surprise, showcasing the imagination and talent of artists of all ages. You will still be hard-pressed to find a 3D printer and 3D printing supplies in local stores, but online seller eBay has you covered. Some of the products they have for sale include printers, colour filaments, nozzle heads, and anything else you might need.

Portable Printing Equipment

Take your printing on the move with a mobile printer. These can be as small as a smartphone, able to print out high-quality snaps, which can then go into a photo album, or stick on a wall with some papers and a self-adhesive backing. Colours and styles vary, making sure you can coordinate with your room, bag, and phone.